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Q: how many followers? :) x

i’ve been inactive for a while but my queued posts are still doing their magic. just a shout out to all the loyal followers that haven’t unfollowed me in the past few months. I LOVE YOU.

and i don’t have very many followers. if you want exact, msg unanon. ^^ xo.

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Q: hehe i went to your primary school. that's all i will say :) ~ le anon

omg gl**dal. i miss that place :<

wait. does this have anything to do with fb…. haha well, do you follow me?

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Q: HAAAAI GUESS WHO? ;D OMGOMG YOU LIKE THE HUNGER GAMES I NEVER KNEW :O your tumblr is just too amazing. bye :)

who is this??? 



and tytyty whoever you are ^^

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Q: do you have public themes? and if you have, could "I have the link? :)

sorry, i don’t have any public themes :S

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Q: wow! your blog is so gorgeous. I love it <33

thank you soo much!!! 

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Q: you're beautiful.


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Q: how many followers? :3

Enough to make me

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Q: would you mind checking my blog for a minute?

of course not =>

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Q: can i get your theme ?

maybe after i finish using it ^^

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Q: So, how does it work? Do you get the theme from Oh lovely Nicole? Please ask! I'd LOVE a theme like that! (:

I have to ask permission from her to publicize my tweaked theme but she hasn’t replied just yet. come off anon and i might be able to tweak a bit!

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Q: I LOVE your theme/background! Can you by chance do the same for mine? (NOT THE EXACT SAME, but something similar?)

Why thank you!

Depends on how. Because i can’t redistribute the theme because the owner of the theme still hasn’t replied to me about this question. But maybe i can personally tweak it for you :)

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Q: check out my blog? c:

sure :>

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Q: Hey sweetie, could you and your followers vote for me at prettylittlequirks(.)tumblr(.)com and bellamores(.)tumblr(.)com please? Just TA me the vote number and i'll promo them in 3s :) Thanks so much dear! Means the world to me. Have a lovely day ahead ♥

hope you have a lovely day ahead too <3

(vote for her if you think she deserves it x.)

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Q: can you give me a promo?


i don’t promote blogs:)

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Q: name your 5 top favourite songs! p/s : love your theme

hello anon! lol this is a bit random but okay!

These are in particular order but these are the songs that i’ve played 1000 times on itunes. Check them out!

  1. Snow Patrol - Set The Fire To The Third Bar
  2. eAeon - Bulletproof (Korean)
  3. The Pretty Reckless - Just Tonight
  4. Taylor Swift - Enchanted
  5. Beast - On Rainy Days (Korean)

These are just the ones off the top of my head. There are a heap more artists that i love ._.

Thank for the lovely compliment anon ^^

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