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Q: how many followers? :) x

i’ve been inactive for a while but my queued posts are still doing their magic. just a shout out to all the loyal followers that haven’t unfollowed me in the past few months. I LOVE YOU.

and i don’t have very many followers. if you want exact, msg unanon. ^^ xo.

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Q: hehe i went to your primary school. that's all i will say :) ~ le anon

omg gl**dal. i miss that place :<

wait. does this have anything to do with fb…. haha well, do you follow me?

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Q: HAAAAI GUESS WHO? ;D OMGOMG YOU LIKE THE HUNGER GAMES I NEVER KNEW :O your tumblr is just too amazing. bye :)

who is this??? 



and tytyty whoever you are ^^

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Q: do you have public themes? and if you have, could "I have the link? :)

sorry, i don’t have any public themes :S

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Q: you're beautiful.


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Q: how many followers? :3

Enough to make me

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Q: can i get your theme ?

maybe after i finish using it ^^

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Q: So, how does it work? Do you get the theme from Oh lovely Nicole? Please ask! I'd LOVE a theme like that! (:

I have to ask permission from her to publicize my tweaked theme but she hasn’t replied just yet. come off anon and i might be able to tweak a bit!

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Q: I LOVE your theme/background! Can you by chance do the same for mine? (NOT THE EXACT SAME, but something similar?)

Why thank you!

Depends on how. Because i can’t redistribute the theme because the owner of the theme still hasn’t replied to me about this question. But maybe i can personally tweak it for you :)

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Q: name your 5 top favourite songs! p/s : love your theme

hello anon! lol this is a bit random but okay!

These are in particular order but these are the songs that i’ve played 1000 times on itunes. Check them out!

  1. Snow Patrol - Set The Fire To The Third Bar
  2. eAeon - Bulletproof (Korean)
  3. The Pretty Reckless - Just Tonight
  4. Taylor Swift - Enchanted
  5. Beast - On Rainy Days (Korean)

These are just the ones off the top of my head. There are a heap more artists that i love ._.

Thank for the lovely compliment anon ^^

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Q: Where should I put the calendar codes?

Hmmm,  You can put it in your description but it depends on how you want your blog to look. If you want more help, i’ll help you if you come off anon :D x.

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Q: How did you get your calendar in your blog? can you post code? please?

You can get it here hun :)

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Q: how come there isn't a "follow" button at the top of your blog?

really?? :S I”m not sure why!

Guys? Can you see the follow/unfollow/dashboard functions on my blog? 

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